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An Interview With Israel Regardie: His Final Thoughts and Views

by Dr. Israel Regardie

An interview with Israel Regardie: His Final Thoughts and Views With Selected Writings

Edited by Dr. Christopher Hyatt, Ph.D., who interviewed his mentor and teacher Israel Regardie not long before his death in 1985, in mystical Sedona, Arizona. Evident in the interview is their connection and mutual regard. It is touching and elucidating to hear Regardie’s thoughts and feelings at this moment of his life. He openly discusses his four loves—Madame Blavatsky, his teacher and mentor Aleister Crowley, Wilhelm Reich, and The Golden Dawn System of Magic.

Within this compilation are articles on Reich, Psychotherapy, and Modern Alchemy as well as some of his most precious selected writings going back to the 1930s.

This is a must have book for any serious student of Magick and the Golden Dawn–a treasure.

This amazing one of a kind work is now available from New Falcon Publications and is limited to only 500 copies in the special limited first edition.

ISBN-13: 978-1-56184-512-5
5.5 x8.5
Papaerback: 208 Pages

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde miércoles 16 agosto, 2017.
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