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Bio - Etheric Healing: A Breakthrough in Alternative Therapies

by Trudy Lantis

Bio-Etheric Healing offers an effective way to communicate directly with the Etheric Body. This remarkable step-by-step guide covers the techniques and applications of Bio-Etheric Healing and tells us how to harness the healing powers of the Etheric Body.

In this book you will learn: How to talk directly to your Etheric Body to help diagnose ailments; How to talk to the Etheric Body of others, even over a distance, to help heal their ailments; How to analyze and heal the Chakras; How to determine the roles of Karma and Past Life Traumas in ailments and how to overcome their negative effects; How to guide the Etheric Body to help heal a wide range of illnesses.

“An insightful, practical and truly useful model of metaphysical healing. Teaches a simple yet powerful method of reaching, unleashing and guiding the healing powers of our own Etheric Body. An essential book in understanding the mysteries of the healing process.” –Susan Right, M.D.

“The first truly practical way of communicating directly with the healing energy of our Etheric Body. … the next leap forward in metaphysical healing.” –Harry J. Brown, M.D.

“Bio-Etheric Healing has opened a new door to my approach in treating patients! A safe and effective technique, which can complement any treatment plan.”

–Phil Madden, LAC, MS, Center for the Healing Arts
For over 20 years Trudy Lanitis was involved in various forms of alternative healing. She held individual counseling sessions and conducted workshops in Bio-Etheric Healing for healing professionals and others interested in spiritual healing. She also taught at various accredited institutions and other learning centers with a focus on metaphysical studies.

ISBN-13: 978-1-56184-139-4
5.5 x 8.5
Paperback: 204 Pages

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