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Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson

by Eric Wagner

Introduced by Robert Anton Wilson

A fair and balanced look at the writing of Robert Anton Wilson and its relationship with the Kaballah, Finnegans Wake, General Semantics, Quantum Mechanics, Ezra Pound, The Wizard of Oz, Aleister Crowley, and a zillion other subjects. Whether you are a newcomer or already familiar with Dr. Wilson's work, welcome to the Weird and Wonderful World of Wilson. This book provides many pointers to ways people can deepen their understanding of the fields which shaped Dr. Wilson's world-view.

It seems like a wonderful time to learn more about Robert Anton Wilson. Bob had his profound Sirius experience on July 23, 1973 (coincidentally the day of Monica Lewinsky's birth). Thirty years later Emily Reilly, The Mayor of Santa Cruz, California, declared July 23, 2003, Robert Anton Wilson Day.

""A book about the hidden symbols and other jokes and profundities in my Immortal Works. A masterpiece." ŚRobert Anton Wilson, author of Cosmic Trigger

Eric Wagner was born in 1962 in Washington, D.C., to two former NSA computer programmers. Eric and his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in November, 1967. In 1982 he began reading Robert Anton Wilson's books, and in 1986 the two began corresponding. In the years since Eric began reading Wilson, he has traveled from Ingolstadt, Bavaria, to Aswan, Egypt, from Country Kerry, Ireland, to Honolulu, Hawaii, attempting to understand the ideas behind Wilson's works. Eric has worked as a computer programmer, operator and micro-coder, a musician, a poet, a technical writer, a dancer, a film historian and a teacher.

ISBN-13: 978-1-56184-165-3
5.5 x 8.5
Paperback: 240 Pages

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