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The Game Of Life

by Timothy Leary

With Robert Anton Wilson

Written in 70s with all the influence of the wild and counterculture rebelliousness of the 60s, The Game of Life reflects the depth of mind of one of the unique human beings of the 20th century. From famed psychologist and Harvard professor to LSD Guru, to stage and film star, computer junky, and more. Tim leaves no stone, or for that matter, person unturned. As an unrepentant advocate of personal freedom and development, he was on a mission to wake humanity up, to encourage us to use our brains and open our minds up to different ways of thinking. One of his favorite mottoes was “Think for yourself and question authority.” The Game of Life is an organic computer, (although when Leary wrote it he wasn’t yet into hyper-interactive computer intelligence.) In this book he updated the meaning of Medieval Tarot Cards and Chinese I Ching Triagrams and used the symbology to express his fascinating theories within a multi-dimensional structure. With a unique intelligent wit, he expresses his perceptions, wisdom and ideas that evolution is proceeding into pre-programmed post-human stages which will carry us off the planet, but also that some human beings are (have always been) literally ahead of their times in having activated what Dr. Leary calls “circuits” of their nervous systems years or even centuries ahead of general human development. The Game of Life is not simply a book: it is an experience.

ISBN-13: 978-1-56184-050-2
5.5 x 8.5
Paperback: 360 Pages

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