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The Illuminati Conspiracy: The Sapiens System

by Donald Holmes, M.D.

Introduced By Robert Anton Wilson, Ph.D.

UFOs, Mafiosos, Presidents and Popes. Conspiracies, secret societies, murder, money, suicide, sex, and scandal. As Robert Anton Wilson says in the Introduction: “As soon as we find evidence of human beings on this planet, we find evidence of secret societies. If one big jumbo conspiracy governing this planet, it must be...of non-human origin.” “One day a noted psychiatrist found himself having an experience which his training and background would either deny, or characterize as pathological. Since he had the presence of mind to write down the information he was receiving from an ‘unknown’ source. The results of this experience are intelligently and brilliantly written. The ideas are startling and may just be the Truth.” Who is In Charge of This Planet? Is it revolving, or going sideways? Who are we and where are we going? Dr. Holmes lets us in on the secret. I am glad someone had the courage to let the cat out of the bag with such a large bang.” —Robert Anton Wilson, Ph.D.

ISBN 13: 978-1-56184-051-9
5.5 x 8.5
Paperback: 348 Pages

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