360 Heads of The Earth Zone, The First Step to Divine Providence: Volume: II SUMMER


This book is written for those who wish to understand their purpose of life and our planet’s greatest mysteries. Its intention is to encourage you on your spiritual journey, for those who are dedicated students. It also attracts people whose approach to magic is serious, no matter how experienced at this moment they are. This title explores otherworldly regions of our planet described in detail by Talerman. For those who are interested in expanding their theoretical knowledge on subjects such as occultism, parallel universes and life after death, this book will also be helpful.

This is not a fairy tale promising impossible things, nor is it science fiction written to amuse or entertain readers. It is inspired and based on Bardon’s second book “The Practice of Magical Evocation”. Having theoretically and practically explored this Bardon’s book for some 15 years, Talerman finally wrote his own follow up on magical evocation with additional information on how to master mysteries of the 2nd tarot card.

The main purpose of Talerman’s grimoire is to help you evoke and become a friend with all or some of the 360 most important spirits from our planet. Their academies and temples are located in the Earth Zone, so their typical students are blessed and advanced human beings who are already beyond the reach of our world’s reality, but Talerman’s grimoire has a goal to guide you to their schools, so that you may learn their subjects while you are still alive.

Live a good life, evolve, learn, teach, and help this humanity grow according to your possibilities! The 360 heads do not ask for more. If you follow nothing but that, you will soon see yourself successfully making your first of the ten steps to the Divine providence.

Nenad Djordjevic Talerman is a historian. He considers himself to be a hermetist and a student of Franz Bardon. He recently published a book The Spirits of Tarot, which he wrote in Serbian which is his native language. He is also a published author of several books about history of Shanghai, the city where he lives with his family. Inspired to experience many aspects of professional life, Talerman has so far been a teacher, archivist, diplomat, humanitarian, singer and consultant living and working in Serbia, Sweden, North Korea, the Philippines, Turkey and China.

Author: Nenad Djordjevic-Talerman
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The realm of elementals is often called the enchanted realm, it is the realm that is being enchanted by the word as in the creative power of light. In a way, it is the natural world inside the creative power of light. In the book we offer, we are mostly concerned with certain features of Edinnu, the Garden of God or the Paradise of Pleasure, that is, the heavenly region directly connected to the senses. Entrance is subject to certain conditions. The Sumerians had at the door their scorpion versions of the sphinx, angels whose gaze was death, and the Jewish Paradise had the flaming sword that would smite the visitor. These are representations of the ecstatic states of trance where the elements stop being seen in their limited form and become infinite as four aspects of the Divine. It is, thus, important for the magician to build his own magical garden in the image of this Edinnu before travelling through the cosmos, just like the ancient Persian hero Jamshid is warned by Ahura Mazda (Divine Providence) about a freezing winter approaching and so builds his magical garden on top of a mountain to save himself and the world. That is, the magician is to be firm in his own magical equilibrium, for even though we will not yet dare to eat from the Tree of Life, we will drink from the Edenic Rivers. This book will explore the nature of the mind, soul, and body, the nature of the four philosophical elements, the four elemental kingdoms, the life of the four elemental kingdoms, and that which animates it. A magician following the Bardon tradition will feel at home reading it, for the book explores its aspects. All in all, the work makes a complete Grimoire on its own and an area of elemental specialization for all those following the hermetic tradition and the goetic path concerning the art of evocation, adding about 40 beings beyond those mentioned by Bardon at the Practice of Magical Evocation and many additional hermetic meditations derived from quabbalistic formulas. In it the keys to magic, mental wandering, evocation, and the four elements are given according to different times and cultures in the light of universal knowledge, clairvoyance is deeply applied to the study of the different sprites, and the sprites of the elements named by Franz Bardon are interviewed in the triangle of art directly to the readers.


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